Lettings Switching Service - enjoy the service you deserve

Many Landlords assume that they are unable to switch letting agent mid tenancy, and that it is better to wait until the current Tenant has given notice to leave before it is acceptable to switch agents.


This isn’t always the case and it isn’t something you have to do yourself, we’re here to help.


Here’s our 5 Step Plan to switching lettings agents:


  1. Check how much notice, if any, you will need to provide to your current letting agent. This should be clearly stated on the terms and conditions which they asked you to sign when agreeing to market your property. If you’re unsure then please ask and we’ll help.
  2. Make sure that you have your current tenants full contact details. These will typically be detailed on the Tenancy Agreement - if not your Letting Agent should provide them.
  3. We’ll meet to discuss our Lettings Service Options and will provide you with a copy of our Terms of Business for your review prior to making any decision.
  4. We’ll also arrange to meet your Tenant(s) to explain everything to them, and we’ll walk them through the necessary paperwork to ensure the tenancy is correctly set up (Tenancy Agreement, address for Legal Notices, Security Deposit transfer / registration, Standing Order for future rent and more).
  5. You and your tenant will be introduced to your dedicated Tenancy Management Team, who will manage the tenancy throughout. As you’d expect, you’ll also have regular contact with (and will always be able to reach) one of our Co-founders to discuss anything outside of the usual day-to-day business of letting a property.


While there is a lot to managing a tenancy (which we take care of) we aim to make switching letting agents as smooth as possible.


To find out more simply complete our contact form, or contact us on 0118 466 0292 or hello@quartersresidential.co.uk.


If you’re curious but not ready to talk yet then you may find our Guide for Landlords – Lettings Made Easy – helpful which you can download here.