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What's going on in the Wokingham market?

Average price for a home

in Wokingham
How much have the average prices changed?
in the last year
in the last 5 years

What's the average price per square foot?
What's the average price for a new home?

Sales Market in Wokingham

How many homes changed hands?
in the last year
Sales numbers have changed by
Average price in England & Wales
Average price in South East
By property type Flats Terraced Semi Detached
Average price      
Price change
last 12 months
Proportion of all sales
What is the average age of local residents?
How old are first-time buyers on average?
What price point marks the top 5%?

Lettings Market in Wokingham

What is the average rent for a house?
per month
What is the average rent for a flat?
per month
Rents have changed by
in the last 12 months
What is the average rental yield?
gross annual yield