How kerb appeal could aid a post-lockdown sale in Wokingham
The restrictions are starting to lift and although it will take a long time before things resemble what they were, there are trickling signs of life returning.  Not everyone has had the desire to continue with their plans to move, and others&rsq... read more »
Covid-19 and the Wokingham Property Market: what happens next?
The proverbial handbrake has been applied to the UK housing market in a very sudden fashion. Like many, we're starting to wonder what the short, medium and long term effects will be. As a reminder, the average annual rate of growth in Wokingham over ... read more »
Why it’s a fantastic time to search for your new home in Wokingham
In this new world we find ourselves in, with the country in lockdown, many of us furloughed, and social distancing becoming the norm, it may seem a very strange time to start the search for a new home.  You might have been thinking about moving ... read more »
Supporting our local independent businesses
Since the COVID-19 outbreak, every passing day has become slightly more surreal. Offices are closed, events are cancelled, and public spaces - including restaurants, shops, cinemas and gyms, are standing empty.  The impact this pandemic will ... read more »
The popular lockdown addition that will add value to your Wokingham home
The lockdown has created many challenges we could not even have imagined even a couple of months ago.  From spending your day in a busy work environment to suddenly having to try and work around a busy home where kids are being home-schooled, yo... read more »
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