How to have a stress-free lockdown down move in Wokingham
Moving home? Can I still do that with the current Covid lockdown restrictions?  The good news is that yes, you can still move but there are precautions you need to take to ensure you can move as safely as possible. If you have moved home before ... read more »
How to have a safe and secure New Year in Wokingham
Protecting yourself and your family from scammers We hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas, as different as it may have been this year.  Now as we head into 2021, at Quarters Residential we want to help ensure that you have a safe and... read more »
How to survive homeschooling the second time around in Wokingham
    Like parents all over the country, we have entered the homeschooling zone, one full of frustration, confusion and, let’s be honest, a little chaos. Around this we are trying to work, whilst mindful that we don’t want our c... read more »
Are you in seasonal shape for moving in Wokingham during 2021?
The countdown is truly on and Christmas is but days away. The decorations are up, and the TV adverts are filled with magical stories and heart-warming tales. Each year, major UK brands battle to grab our attention, and the coveted Christmas advert is... read more »
How to spot, and little ways to help stop loneliness in Wokingham this Christmas
Christmas will be a strange one this year, not just for us in Wokingham but the whole of the UK. Are you one of the lucky ones, scrabbling to work out which family members will be in your bubble?  But as you tuck into your turkey, pop a few crac... read more »
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