Top tips for buying a period property in Wokingham
This year has made many of us re-evaluate our situation and what we want in a home, and for some buyers in Wokingham this means large oak beams, stone fireplaces, unexpected nooks and a fascinating history.     It’s easy to get... read more »
Price is the key to a swift home sale in Wokingham
When selling your home there are many things you can do to attract potential buyers and also add value, from decluttering, to mowing your lawn, freshening up paint work and adding a few plants here and there.    Home staging gives any pro... read more »
How to avoid buying a house full of horrors in Wokingham
Some ghostly things can happen when you’re looking to buy a home in Wokingham, and we’re not talking about Hocus Pocus.   If they are found, they can turn your dream home into a nightmare.    Choosing whether to have a ... read more »
How little white lies could kill the sale of your Wokingham home
We all tell a white lie or two now and again, it could be the cost of those shoes that suddenly appeared in the wardrobe, or that stunning unique lamp that you just had to have in your home office.  Yet as innocent a slip of the tongue it may be... read more »
A dog’s guide to finding a new home in Wokingham
We have always been man’s best friend, but it seems this year more and more humans have been wanting to give us a home.  They’ve been spending more time in their homes, and so have felt they have the time to help us settle into their... read more »
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