Why You Should Always Use an Agent to Sell Your Wokingham Home
When selling your home, you might notice that costs start building up.   Paying out for repairs, buying storage to hide away clutter, legal costs, commission fees; there’s a lot to budget for, and you haven’t even moved yet.  ... read more »
Scared of DIY? You Could Be Missing Out on Your Dream Wokingham Home
When searching for a new home, do you scroll past properties that look a little worse for wear?   Maybe the carpet hasn’t been changed since the 1970’s and the floral wallpaper is curling from the walls?   Lots of buyers loo... read more »
Top Tips for Making Your Family’s House Move Stress-Free
Moving house can be stressful, moving house with kids… well, that can involve meltdowns, tantrums, and sleepless nights.   You’re probably moving for logical reasons: you need more space, you want to be closer to good schools, you... read more »
How your senses are a powerful asset when buying a Wokingham home
Everyday we experience things that trigger our senses and make us aware of what is around us.   There is no doubt the smell of fresh bread when you pass a bakery will make you think twice about taking a detour.   Our five senses: sight,... read more »
Why Your Windows Matter
Before you were a property owner, the chances are that windows were something you just looked out of to take in the view.   You probably didn’t give them much thought and you might have cleaned them occasionally. That was it.   No... read more »
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