Your property description matters

Your property description matters

Is your property currently on the market?  Or are you thinking about selling your property? 


If so, you might want to read on to find out just how important the property description really is…


You may be wondering if anyone actually reads the property description?  Well we can tell you categorically that most people do, especially if it’s on their shortlist.


Fabulous property descriptions can bring a house to life and elevate interest to another level. 


Who wouldn’t want their house to stand out above the rest…?


Here are some of the things a good property description should include: -


1.     A summary of the key selling features

You’ve probably seen this on most brochures and it’s important as it summarises the main selling points of the property at a glance.  Not everyone who’s looking online, or at the brochure, will be in a position to read everything on their initial inspection, so these are important as they provide a quick overview, for example, number of bedrooms and reception rooms, parking situation etc.  If they like what they see, this will coax them into reading the rest.


2.     Room sizes

These are typically shown on the floorplan and it’s important they’re clear, easy to understand and highlight any oddities of the room layout.  It may be that someone needs a room to be a specific size for a certain item of furniture, or it could be that they want to make sure they are getting more space than they currently have.  Either way, it’s frustrating if the room sizes are not easily available for everyone to see.  Room sizes allow clients to plan.


3.     An interesting and engaging property description

This is the bulk of the brochure material and provides a ‘walk-through’ of the home, giving descriptions of each room as you pass through them; it’s almost like a first viewing.


This is probably the part of the brochure that you may think people don’t really read, but we know this is not the case.


The main write-up is a chance for the agent (who will have attended the property at least twice by this point) to describe exactly what the property has to offer and by doing so, to allow the potential viewers to make a connection with it.


While it’s true that not everyone who glances at the description online will read the full details, anyone with a true and genuine interest in the property will; this is when the property description comes into its own.


The description should immediately engage the potential viewer by describing it in a way that grabs their attention, so it’s vital that it’s not simply a list of how many radiators and plug sockets each room contains (I’m sure you’ve all read those types….)! 


Selling a property is the same as selling anything else.  The reader wants to know what it can offer them, what fabulous features it has and how it might feel to live there. 


Good property details sell a ‘lifestyle’, not just bricks and mortar.


Does the property have an interesting history?  Is it situated in a location of beauty?  Does it have an excellent pub just down the road?  Was it once lived in by someone famous? Is it close to shops, restaurants and cafes?  Are there some fabulous country dog walks nearby?  All these extra details give prospective clients a reason to phone up and arrange a viewing.  They imagine themselves living there and picture how great life would be in your property.


Here are two examples of property details….  Which one do you prefer?

  • The living room overlooks the garden and has a multi-fuel stove, feature chimney breast, fitted cupboard, radiator and 2 electrical sockets.  The wooden panelled door leads into the hallway.
  • This charming and spacious living room is the perfect place to unwind after a hard day in the office.  Sit back, put your feet up and relax on the sofa in front of the roaring wood-burning stove with a cup of tea and the newspaper, or simply sit and enjoy the fabulous open views across the front lawns towards the distant woodlands and rolling countryside. 


Hopefully this demonstrates just how powerful the property description can be when written with care and passion.


Is your property currently on the market or have you recently bought or sold a home?  We would love to see your property details so we can give you some feedback.

Give us a call on 0118 466 0292 or send us an email at [email protected] We'd also be pleased to welcome you to our private offices in central Wokingham.


We will happily check them over with you and show you how to add a bit of spice


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