Advice for selling a unique or individual home

Advice for selling a unique or individual home

What is the best way to market a unique property? 

If you are the proud owner of a unique and individual home, then congratulations, you’re very lucky.


When it comes to selling, however, you may feel a little short-changed in terms of the regular marketing and advertising which some estate agents offer.


Because the market for a special or unique property is far more niche than, for example, a family home situated in an established development, it’s important this is reflected in the marketing. 


That’s not to say that all homes don’t deserve special marketing too, but some will require a more tailored approach.


Here are some things to consider when selling a unique or unusual home: -

  • Professional home staging

If the property is unusual, the staging of the home must be spot on.  Each room should have an identity and it must be clear to viewers what each room or space offers.  A good home stager can add value to your property by showing it off at its absolute best – for photos and also for viewings.  We’re not suggesting that every home will need a professional touch, but if it is dated in any way, or perhaps confusing in its layout, it may be worth investing.  When home-staging is done properly, it adds value and achieves a quicker sale.  We recommend you do your homework though and ask your estate agent if they offer a home-staging service (a few do).


  • The price must be accurate and realistic

The launch price must be realistic and attractive in order to attract those initial viewers.  If your property is particularly unusual, sometimes it's difficult for an agent to pitch the price correctly as they have nothing to compare it to.  For this reason, opt for a reputable and professional estate agent who knows the local area and importantly knows what the market will bear at the time your property is launched.


  • Tailored marketing package

This is the key to selling your home.  If an agent can’t offer you anything above and beyond the usual marketing routes i.e. agent website advert, Rightmove and standard property particulars then you may wish to look elsewhere.  A unique property requires unique advertising. 


An example of this may be to advertise in a specialist magazines (perhaps an equestrian magazine if you’re selling a property with a paddock or to contact the HR department of local companies if you live near a business park). 


The agent could also include social media in their marketing strategy, for example Facebook or Twitter (let’s face it, that’s where most people are these days!). 


Choose an agent with creative marketing ideas.


  • Professional photography / virtual tours

With an unusual property, regular photos may not be enough to show off the uniqueness and individuality of your home.  We recommend opting for an agent that specialises in professional photography, as well as offering extras such as lifestyle and aerial photography and virtual video tours.  Some agents also offer such extras as twilight photography which can look simply magical online and in the brochures.


  • Timing is key

Choose an agent that is aware of when your property looks its best, i.e what time of the year.  A boathouse by a lake or river would need to be marketed in the summer months for viewers to fully appreciate the setting and lifestyle on offer.  A tall, period town house with no garden, on the other hand, may look far more atmospheric and in winter with roaring fires, candles and even Christmas decorations.


Choose the season that brings your property to life.


  • Sell the local area, not just the property - location, location, location!

It’s not just the property that’s important, but the area too.  Choose an agent who markets the whole local ‘lifestyle’ and not just the house.  Perhaps the property is in an idyllic village with a fantastic local pub?  Maybe it’s a few hundred metres from the local golf club or leisure centre?  Perhaps it’s close to an area of outstanding natural beauty, or a nature reserve?  Or does the area have an abundance of fantastic local restaurants?  All these things should be raved about in the write-up.


  • Appeal to the heart

Everyone loves a story or a unique fact about a property and it’s the perfect way to grab the buyer’s attention, so they can make an emotional connection with your home.  Perhaps the house has some sort of historical past?  Did someone famous once stay there?  Is there any resident wildlife, for example, a fox that visits, or a family of squirrels?  Is there a quirky story behind the name of the property?  Use any unusual and interesting facts to engage and intrigue your clients.


We hope this has given you some idea of what you should expect when selling an individual home.

Do you believe your home deserves a special approach


If your property deserves a creative marketing approach, please get in touch…we love a challenge!


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