Don’t Stand for Estate Agent Excuses
“I couldn’t hand in my assignment today because the dog ate my homework.”   “The train to Wokingham is cancelled due to the wrong kind of snow falling.”   “I can’t make it into work today boss b... read more »
What will the homes of 2069 look like?
Technology is evolving so quickly that it’s hard to predict what will be around next year let alone in 50 years.   But at Quarters Residential in Wokingham we’ve dusted off our crystal ball and have jumped onto the internet to look... read more »
Is this the solution to the housing crisis?
The Government has repeatedly said that addressing the housing shortage across the UK is one of its number one priorities.   And they are not wrong. The reason property prices are so high is demand is outstripping supply sending prices increas... read more »
The Best Money Saving Apps for Homeowners
Technology can be frustrating.   When it goes wrong we all tend to get frustrated and stressed.   Social media can be a drain on our time and attention. Does anyone really have the perfect lives portrayed by some on Facebook?   B... read more »
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