Advice for selling a unique or individual home
What is the best way to market a unique property?  If you are the proud owner of a unique and individual home, then congratulations, you’re very lucky.   When it comes to selling, however, you may feel a little short-changed in t... read more »
How long are Estate Agent Contracts?
What is an acceptable length of agreement when instructing an Estate Agent?   This is a common question and one which doesn’t necessarily have a straightforward answer, but we will try and explain as best we can, and what to look out for... read more »
Questions to Ask an Estate Agent
We received a call recently from a retired lady who has lived in Wokingham for most of her life, and in the same home for a large part of this time.   She was relocating to be closer to her family and was selling her property for the first tim... read more »
Is it ok to have a Christmas tree in my property photos?
If your property has been on the market over Christmas and your tree pops up on some of the photos, don’t worry.  Property photos are inevitably going to be seasonal, whether it’s a beautiful array of garden flowers in the summer, or... read more »
How will you change your life in 2019?
Around this time last year, a poll came out from YouGov showing what the most popular resolutions were among people in the UK.   The top ten below haven’t really changed for the past five years. But we’d hazard a bet to suggest som... read more »
How can I make sure my property photos stand out?
Let’s face it, the most important thing that needs to be ‘spot on’ when selling a home are the photos.  After all, they do say a picture can speak a thousand words and this certainly true when launching a property onto the mark... read more »
Should I choose an independent estate agent?
Which should I choose, a local independent estate agent or a larger corporate estate agent?    Now you may be thinking, why should I trust a blog written by an independent estate agent, selling the benefits of independent estate agencies?... read more »
5 ways to make your home more  appealing to buy
How can I prepare my house for sale?   So, you’ve made the exciting decision to move home……but before the photographer takes those all-important brochure shots, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ensu... read more »
What can I do to make the biggest impact when selling my home?
If you’re reading this article, you are probably either thinking about selling your house, or already have your house on the market.    Well, we suggest you make a coffee and take a few minutes to read on and find out how you can gi... read more »
How can I sell my home quickly?    Everyone wants a quick sale…don’t they? It’s the perfect scenario for most of us, particularly if we have already spotted a property we like.  Achieving a quick sale is not always... read more »
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