Is your rental property what tenants REALLY want?
The lettings market is forever changing, and we are not just talking about the wealth of regulations and legislation that you need to abide by.  Renting a property is now the norm for many, with the private rental sector continues to grow, yet i... read more »
Five unwritten rules for buying a home
You may be on the hunt for your first home or have decided to move up or down the housing ladder.  There are many things to consider when searching for a property, but have you thought about what is the right etiquette?  To prevent you from... read more »
How staging can tell the story of your home
How staging can tell the story of your home in Wokingham   You may have heard of the term ‘home staging’, especially if you have sold your home before.  Basically, home staging is the art of presenting your home in a way that ... read more »
Could your garden be devaluing your home?
When you think about things that could be devaluing your home, you probably think of damp, subsistence, outdated décor, extensive repairs, and removing features from a period property.  But take a look outside, as one of the crucial areas... read more »
Advice for Wokingham's First Time Buyers
1969 was the first time a human landed on the moon.   1954 was the first time a man ran a mile in under 4 minutes.   Could 2019 be the first time you buy your own property?   There’s a first time for everything in life &nda... read more »
Estate Agency Jargon Buster
It's not unknown for Estate Agents to use overwhelming array of terminology, acronyms and confusing terms (!).  To help decode these confusing terms we've put the following Jargon Buster together to describe their meaning, in plain English. ... read more »
Don’t Try this at your Wokingham Home
Three Quick Ways to Reduce Your Home’s Value   In the UK our homes are our castles.   They are often an extension of ourselves. The way we decorate them, design them and the things we fill them with.   We’re often ask... read more »
The Biggest Question Wokingham Home Sellers Need to Ask
Making the decision to sell your home and move is a big one.   Whatever the reason whether it’s downsizing, needing more space, wanting a better neighbourhood or to be closer to excellent schools it’s life changing.   Once y... read more »
Five Quick and Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Wokingham Home
We’re often asked how people can add value to their home.   And there are plenty of ways. Some relatively cheap and easy, some costly and more difficult.   Most of know that building an extension or installing new kitchens and bat... read more »
Preparing to sell your Wokingham home - our step-by-step guide
So you’re thinking about moving home. How exciting! Perhaps you’re planning a move to a larger house that fits your family better, or maybe now your children have flown the nest, and it’s time to move into a more appropriate-sized h... read more »
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