Seven Reasons Why Your Property May Not Be Selling
A recent article by the consumer magazine Which looked at seven reasons why properties don’t sell.   It listed the problems that held homeowners back – below we look at the issues and how we at Quarters Residential Estate Agents in... read more »
What is home staging and how does it help to sell my home?
If you’re a fan of the huge variety of property programmes on TV, as many are, you’ll probably have heard of the term ‘home staging’ - but what exactly is it?   The object of home staging is to flatter a property withou... read more »
What happens if my buyers change their minds?
What happens if my buyers change their minds about my house?  Do you currently have a house on the market in Wokingham, or are you considering selling your home in the near future?    If so, you may be wondering what the process i... read more »
Are we the softest estate agents in Wokingham?
We live in a constantly changing digital world.   Our phones and computers can do amazing things, and many apps have made life a lot easier.   Just look at banking – it used to be a real chore to get something paid in or out, now ... read more »
Brochures that really sell your home!
What should a good property brochure include?  With the arrival of the internet and the changes in marketing that have come with it, you may find yourself wondering if those glossy property brochures are a thing of the past...after all, most ... read more »
How do I decide on the right asking price for my home?
Is your home already on the market or are you thinking of selling your property in the near future?  If so, you may find this blog helpful as we pride ourselves on giving professional and impartial advice to help you with your property journey. ... read more »
Does Your Home Pass the 20 second test?
We live in a World where most of us are bombarded with never ending streams of information to process.   And that information overload is leading to people making snap judgments quicker than ever.   We see it here at Quarters Residentia... read more »
What ‘No Sale, No Fee’ Really Means
Traditional estate agents like ourselves seem to have stopped using the phrase "no sale, no fee", and this has allowed online-only agents to gain a piece of the market.   So here is a little reminder of what "no sale, no fee" means as far as w... read more »
Your property description matters
Is your property currently on the market?  Or are you thinking about selling your property?    If so, you might want to read on to find out just how important the property description really is…   You may be wondering i... read more »
How long should my property take to sell?
Trust us, we understand just how frustrating it can be to have your home on the market for a long period of time.    Every time you get a call to say there’s a viewing, your heart skips a beat and you hope and pray that this could b... read more »
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