How to find your perfect rental property in Wokingham
When you’re looking for a home to rent there are many things you have to take into consideration.  You want to ensure not only that the property meets your needs and lifestyle, but you have everything in place so you don’t fall befor... read more »
Is your rental home protected in Wokingham this summer?
It’s official, the school term is ending and many of us are starting to jet off to sunnier destinations to enjoy a well-earned rest.  But as your tenants leave for their holidays, have you considered that your property might be left vulner... read more »
Buyers, are you making these mistakes searching for a home?
Searching for a home is exciting, but can also be stressful at times.  For most of us, buying a property is not something we do regularly, and so we follow the path that we believe is best.  At Quarters Residential in Wokingham, we see buye... read more »
New Lettings Switching Service launches!
With a growing portfolio of rental properties under management, we're now offering a complete lettings service (with the same bespoke approach we bring to property sales.)   Having built, managed and sold a successful letting agency in Woking... read more »
10 ways kerb appeal can help sell your home this summer
Summer is here, and although we may often be lacking in days of glorious sunshine, buyers are out and about trying to find that perfect home to call their own.  This season is ideal for making your home shine from the outside, yet it can often b... read more »
Successful downsizing – our complete guide
If you’re now or soon to be an empty nester, why waste money on space you don’t need? If it’s just you and your other half now, or perhaps just you, why not downsize to a smaller home or apartment to save not only on your mortgage b... read more »
5 Top Tips from the Queen of De-Cluttering
If you did a quick survey in our office and asked us what’s the number one tip, we could share with homeowners who want to get their property sold or let quickly and for a great price it would be declutter.   That’s right. You&rsqu... read more »
5 ways to turn chaos into calm, selling your home with children
Everyone with children knows that the point between calm and chaos is often virtually non-existent.  You could have made your home look like perfection and behind you, the little darlings are unravelling your hard work. Living in a home you&rsqu... read more »
Struggling to sell? Our guide to help you move on successfully
When you have your home up for sale, time seems to stand still. You’re in limbo, caught between your old life, and your new one, with no way of knowing when you’ll be able to move on – both literally and emotionally.   As the... read more »
Dress your home to impress your viewers
When your house is for sale, it’s exciting to get a viewing booked. After all, that viewer could become a buyer!   It’s important then to make sure your house is looking its absolute best, and dressed to impress, so we’ve cre... read more »
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