Why you should present your Wokingham rental property as a home
How have you prepared your property for the Wokingham rental market?  When a vendor seeks to sell their property, those in the know spend time decluttering, deep cleaning and staging their homes to make them alluring and eye-catching. But why sh... read more »
Is Wokingham on the cusp of another house price boom?
The last house price boom really was something. It created property millionaires, TV celebrities, accidental landlords, an explosion of PropTech companies and one or two red-faces in its aftermath.   In 2007, it’s hottest year, the pri... read more »
Upstaging the Jones
How to sell your home at the same time as your neighbours You’ve been thinking about selling your home for some time and, just as you’re about to call the estate agent, you notice a ‘For Sale’ sign appear next door.  You... read more »
How to ensure your pets have a stress-free move
If you have ever moved home before you’ll know that the whole experience can send you through a spiral of emotions.  As much as you and your family know what is about to happen, there are some members of your family that are completely in ... read more »
How to buy a home without regrets
As the seasons begin to change you may find yourself spending more time in your home, and as you relax one evening and find yourself taking in your new home, are you filled with joy about your decision or do you have a niggle of regret?  In your... read more »
Top tips for first time renters in Wokingham
Renting a home for the first time in Wokingham can be daunting. There are so many things to think about and you want to make sure you find the right property and have a stress-free experience.  At Quarters Residential we want the same, which is ... read more »
Help! My Wokingham home isn’t selling
When you place your home on the market you’re filled with anticipation and excitement, but if things don’t go according to plan and initial interest fades, frustration and annoyance can set in.  There could be a number of reasons why... read more »
The unwritten etiquette of moving home in Wokingham
Moving home is hard work and it’s easy to focus on what lies ahead rather than what you’re leaving behind.  When completion day arrives and you get the call to collect the keys, you rush off with excitement to open the door to your n... read more »
4 Signs you’re breaking up with your home in Wokingham
No one likes a break up, but circumstances change and life can throw up some unexpected situations that make us rethink our future.  The passion you once felt for the home that has brought you such joy over the years has started to dwindle and n... read more »
Is your bedroom killing the mood for buyers?
You’ve put your home on the market and made sure it’s tidy and the kitchen and bathroom are spotlessly clean.  It’s easy to believe that your bedroom is just fine, but is it what buyers in Wokingham are seeking?  Is your b... read more »
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