Mistakes you can make as a first time renter and how to avoid them
The time has come and you’re finally planning to rent a property for the first time, excited you can make decisions that may not prove beneficial in the long run.  When looking for your first property in Wokingham it’s easy to make r... read more »
Are you in buying shape to move in 2020?
It’s the start of a new year and you may have aspirations of buying a new home in Wokingham but are you ready to make some changes to improve your home-buying situation?  When it comes to buying a home, the crucial area that you need to ge... read more »
Will 2020 bring a move for you in Wokingham?
The mince pies have all been eaten, the decorations are disappearing and soon Easter Eggs will replace Christmas puddings on the store shelves.  As we welcome a new year, we start to wonder what that year will bring us, and of course, at Quarter... read more »
Here at Quarters, we have found that one of the best ways to get a picture of what’s happening in the local market is to look at the statistics.   However, we also derive a huge proportion of our local market expertise just by chatting... read more »
What is gazumping, and how can you stop it happening to you?
You’ve started your journey looking for a new home in Wokingham. After viewing a number of properties, you find it, that dream property that you can’t wait to call your own.  The offer is in and you nervously wait by the phone to see... read more »
7 home resolutions to follow if selling in Wokingham in 2020
As we face the last days of the ‘teens’ and look forward to what the ‘20s may bring, you may start making some big decisions about your future.  You may have aspirations for a new job, a desire to tick off some destinations fro... read more »
7 top tips for moving home at Christmas
The decorations are up, Christmas parties are under way, the shopping days are getting few and carol concerts are in abundance.  As you’re driving home for Christmas this year, have you added to the normal stresses and strains by moving ho... read more »
How to keep your Wokingham home safe this Christmas
December is here and the countdown to Christmas has truly begun, yet amidst all the joy and laughter it’s important to remember not to let your guard down.  We are all busy decorating, shopping, celebrating and exchanging gifts, and safety... read more »
Add some luck and love to your Christmas tree this year
The race for the Christmas number one has begun, the stores are bursting with glitter and sparkles, and all over Wokingham people have begun to put up their Christmas trees.  Where in your home you place your tree is something many consider when... read more »
6 reasons why you should keep your property on the market this winter
Christmas is hitting us at warp speed, and with all the wonderful festivities filling your diary you might start to ponder whether now is a good time to sell your home.  You could be thinking of withdrawing it from the market or holding off list... read more »
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